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Years active: 1973-...


From: Sydney, Australia


Genres: Hard Rock, Arena Rock, Blues Rock


Band Members:

Bon Scott (lead vocals): 1974-1980

Brian Johnson (lead vocals): 1980-...

Angus Young (lead guitar)

Malcolm Young (rhythm guitar, vocals)

Mark Evans (bass): 1975-1977

Cliff Williams (bass, vocals): 1977-...

Phil Rudd (drums)

Simon Wright (drums): 1983-1989

Chris Slade (drums): 1990-1995


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An explosive hard rock band !


With a great number of albums all full of energy in almost 35 years, the Australians born in Scotland of AC/DC proved there is no age to play rock n' roll. To add to this, Angus never gave up his schoolboy shorts.


Despite weaker albums, most of them in the 80s, the band was able to innovate, creating its own genre through the years, a totally unique and inimitable genre, a true explosive hard rock sound...


Richard Dion





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