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Years active: 1975-1978


From: London, England, UK


Genre: Punk Rock


Band Members:

Johnny Rotten (lead vocals)

Steve Jones (guitar)

Glen Matlock (bass): 1975-1977

Sid Vicious (bass): 1977-1978

Paul Cook (drums)


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The Early Days of The Sex Pistols

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The initiators of the British punk movement !


When the punk movement started in England in 1976, the entire music industry took a new way. The Sex Pistols were in front of this music revolution with The Clash and The Damned.


More than just a new music style, it was a new way of life that was great for young anarchists ready to do everything to reach their goals. When the hippies were in peace and love 10 years earlier, punks wanted war, provocation, revolution in the most sensitive parts of society. The only similar point between the two groups: frequent use of drugs.


Musically, when pop music was cleaner than ever with the beginning of disco, punk rock was dirty and not perfect at all. It was more evident with The Sex Pistols who were bad musicians and loved it that way (Sid Vicious never played bass before joining the band as a bassist).


A few punk bands from the 1977 era played for many years and The Sex Pistols were the best example of it because they quit after only one album 25 years ago. The firing of Johnny Rotten and the death of Sid Vicious from an heroin overdose certainly contributed to this short career.


Maybe they only produced one album, but The Sex Pistols are still the best known punk rockers on the planet. Their energy and decadence helped them to make a comeback tour in 1996 and to play worldwide with huge success.


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