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Mika - Montreal Symphony Orchestra - Alanis Morissette - Ed Sheeran - Son Volt -

Tina Turner - Hamilton - Joe Strummer (DVD)

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Led Zeppelin - Ed Sheeran - Trey Songz - Amy Winehouse


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Deafheaven - Deerhunter - Heymoonshaker - Jana Kramer -

Jamie Lawson - Majical Cloudz - Daniela Nardi - Rudimental - The Sheepdogs


November 8-14:

Dirty Ghosts - Flying Joes - Gang Signs - Rhiannon Giddens - Kaskade - Kurt Vile


November 1-7:

Bryan Adams - Susie Arioli - Cecilia String Quartet - Chris Cornell - The Dead Weather -

Lana Del Rey - Selena Gomez - Chris Hadfield - Ought - Charles Richard-Hamelin -

Keith Richards - Robin Schulz - Francesco Yates - Salad Days (DVD)


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Janet Jackson – Unbreakable

Janet JacksonUnbreakable

For her first album in seven years, Janet Jackson is determined to pick up where she had left, and even to go a little further. She is accompanied by renowned collaborators like Missy Elliott and J. Cole, with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the songwriters behind the greatest hits of her career. The result is a first quality record, firmly rooted in its time. The young Jackson sister is able to avoid the trap of getting back to her comfort zone that made her fame in the 1980s and 1990s. She gives highly effective pop music with very good melodies and a great danceable energy. There may be missing a little more soul to add emotion to the album. Also, with 17 tracks totaling 64 minutes, the CD is a bit long and it could have been cut by some less successful pieces. The whole still remains very honest for Janet Jackson, who certainly has nothing to be ashamed of about Unbreakable, perhaps her best album since Janet issued 22 years ago.

Music Videos: « No Sleeep » (feat. J. Cole) – « BURNITUP! » (feat. Missy Elliott)

Rhythm Nation / BMG / Universal










Andra Day – Cheers To the Fall

Andra DayCheers To the Fall

Andra Day is a retro soul singer from San Diego, California. After contributing to the tribute album to Nina Simone, Nina Revisited, with her version of "Mississippi Goddamn", she releases her first album. You can quickly compare her to Amy Winehouse and Alice Smith, all in a very traditional style of soul / R&B. She co-wrote all the 13 songs including several ballads. Otherwise, the pieces that stand out are a little more energetic, "Gold" and "Mistakes". The voice rather versatile and dynamic of Andra Day allows us to appreciate even the tracks that might seem less attractive at first. The result is a complete and pleasant album to listen to the end.

Music Video: « Forever Mine »





gift ideas:


 Blue Rodeo – Live at Massey Hall

Blue Rodeo Live at Massey Hall

The Toronto band celebrates 30 years of career this year and they offer us a very solid live album recorded at Massey Hall, a mythical theater in Toronto. The band offers us no less than 14 of their best compositions to date, filling at the same time the entire CD. Greg Keelor, Jim Cuddy and company offer us among others the inevitable "Lost Together", "5 Days in May", "After the Rain" and many more. Blue Rodeo fans will get thrilled about it.




Céu – Ao Vivo

CéuAo Vivo

(review to come later)

Six Degrees / SIX



 Tracy Chapman – Greatest Hits

Tracy ChapmanGreatest Hits

(review to come later)

Elektra / Warner



 Led Zeppelin – Presence (2015 Remastered Version)

Led Zeppelin Presence (2015 Remastered Version)

(review to come later)

Atlantic / Warner



 Natalie Merchant – Paradise Is There: The New Tigerlily Recordings

Natalie MerchantParadise Is There: The New Tigerlily Recordings

(review to come later)

Nonesuch / Warner



Mika - L’Orchestre symphonique de Montréal

Mika - l’Orchestre symphonique de Montréal

During the tour for the No Place in Heaven album, Mika gave a concert accompanied by the Montreal Symphony Orchestra (L’Orchestre symphonique de Montréal). It is this symphony recording that is offered here. We quickly find that the melodic pop music of Mika adapts beautifully to symphonic arrangements and the result is a beautiful blend perfectly showcasing the songs of the artist. The orchestra is very present throughout the record, but it never overshadows the singer's unique voice. Here is a great way to rediscover the greatest hits of Mika.

Republic / Universal


 Orchestre symphonique de Montréal – Intégrale des concertos pour violon de Saint-Saëns

Montreal Symphony OrchestraComplete Violin Concertos of Saint-Saëns

On this new album by the Montreal Symphony Orchestra with Kent Nagano, these are the violin concertos by Camille Saint-Saëns that are honored. Accompanied by violinist Andrew Wan, the orchestra therefore performs the complete violin concertos of the great French composer. The three concertos were recorded during concerts at the Maison symphonique in Montreal in November 2014. Simultaneously with this album, the orchestra issues another CD featuring Saint-Saëns, Symphony and new works for organ and orchestra, which contains the "Symphony No. 3 in C minor, op. 78, Organ Symphony" by Saint-Saëns, in addition to works by Samy Moussa and Kaija Saariaho. This other record comes from inaugural concerts of the Grand Orgue Pierre-Béique in May and June 2014.



 Alanis Morissette – Jagged Little Pill (2015 Reissue)

Alanis MorissetteJagged Little Pill (2015 Reissue)

(review to come later)

Maverick / Reprise / Warner


 Ed Sheeran – 5 (5 CD)

Ed Sheeran5 (5 CD)

As a gift to his fans, the British singer offers a box set of five EPs released between 2009 and 2011, before he became the superstar we know today. It includes the following CDs: You Need Me EP, Live at the Bedford EP, Loose Change EP, Songs I Wrote With Amy EP, and No. 5 Collaborations Project EP. The CD Songs I Wrote With Amy EP contains songs written in collaboration with Amy Wadge, while No. 5 Collaborations Project EP contains 8 songs with various collaborators. These five EPs certainly do not enjoy the large-scale production of his next two albums. But, they will surely still be interesting for his fans.

Gingerbread Man / Asylum / Atlantic / Warner


 Son Volt – Trace (20th Anniversary Edition) (2 CD)

Son VoltTrace (20th Anniversary Edition) (2 CD)

Following the disintegration of Uncle Tupelo, most of the band members have followed Jeff Tweedy in Wilco. The other founding member, Jay Farrar, has meanwhile created Son Volt, a fairly creative country rock group. Their first album, Trace, was released in fall 1995 and has become a classic in the genre. It was an almost perfect fusion between powerful guitars and soft acoustic guitar, a true picture of the two personalities of Farrar. Twenty years later, here is a reissue of the album with eight demos and a full bonus CD recorded live in February 1996. The booklet shows meanwhile a good portrait of the album.

Rhino / Warner



 Tina Turner – Private Dancer (30th Anniversary Edition) (2 CD)

Tina TurnerPrivate Dancer (30th Anniversary Edition) (2 CD)

In 1984, Tina Turner did one of the greatest comebacks in the history of pop music after experiencing success a few decades earlier in duet with her husband Ike. Private Dancer is one of the most popular albums of the year and her greatest hits are found on it: "What's Love Got To Do With It", "Better Be Good To Me" and the title track, in addition to her version of The Beatles’ "Help". This 30th anniversary edition includes a second CD containing 15 tracks. This is largely remix songs and rare or unreleased recordings. We can also hear "Ball of Confusion" with B.E.F. released in 1982, as well as the successful "We Don’t Need Another Hero" from the movie Thunderdome and "It's Only Love", a duet with Bryan Adams. For pop rock at its best and a ton of memories, this new edition of Private Dancer is a must.

Parlophone / Warner



November 15-21:


Deafheaven – New Bermuda

DeafheavenNew Bermuda

The black metal band from San Francisco is back with a third album, two years after the excellent Sunbather. This time, Deafheaven have only five songs, but between 8 and 10 minutes each for a total of 46 minutes nonetheless. Creative riffs and rhythms make this band unique, especially in America, while black metal is usually founded in Scandinavia. Where we find connection with the metal of the San Francisco Bay, is when the group incorporates some riffs and solos worthy of the good years of Metallica and company, among others in "Baby Blue". New Bermuda is much less experimental than its predecessor, but the group still loves exploring genres that have nothing to do with metal, with rhythms and atmospheres to raise eyebrows of metal fans. Without impressing in the same way as with Sunbather, Deafheaven offer us again a great record, very creative!

Anti- / Epitaph



 Deerhunter – Fading Frontier

DeerhunterFading Frontier

The indie rock band from Atlanta comes to us with what appears to be one of its brightest albums to date. Not necessarily in terms of the themes, but certainly through its catchy melodies and rich arrangements. In fact, Deerhunter possibly issue their most accessible album in career. And accessible does not mean at all less complex. Although it is far from the experimental rock sound they had before, the dream pop sound of Fading Frontier offers more than its share of subtlety and musical explorations. The group reached the pinnacle of accessibility with the first single of the record, "Snakeskin", a funky and so catchy song. In addition, it comes towards the end of the album, so it follows us relentlessly after completing the listening of the CD. Here's a great record, both creative and catchy!

Music Video: « Snakeskin »




 Heymoonshaker – Noir


The British duo Heymoonshaker is certainly one of the most unlikely bands of the blues scene. It consists of vocalist and guitarist Andrew Balcon and human beatbox Dave Crowe. Despite the minimalist side of their music, they managed to create a certain scale for a sound that remains powerful. Still rooted in blues, their sound moves away somewhat on Noir (Black in French) while the duo explores rock and soul. Also, a string section is added for a little more enveloping arrangements. But what is still impressing as much is the performance of Crowe, who did all percussions with his mouth, even if we come to forget it. This first full-length album for the duo now based in Sweden proves more than ever the immense talent of Heymoonshaker.

Music Video: « Take the Reins »

Ad Litteram / Dify / SIX



 Jana Kramer – Thirty One

Jana KramerThirty One

Jana Kramer is a country pop singer originally from Detroit. For her second album, she borrows the idea of Adele and tells her age with the title of the record. She offers rather soft music comparable to Miranda Lambert, with many ballads and sweet pop songs. Otherwise, she seems to let out the tigress in her on a few occasions, but it is not there that she is at her best. In fact, the exercise seems a little forced, as if she was trying to show the bad girl that she is not really. Even if she is newly part of the great Nashville family, Jana Kramer seems rather straight out of a Disney series. The approach is interesting, but we still don’t believe it. She will have to make a break with her past if she wants us to believe in the bad girl of country music she is trying to introduce.

Music Videos: « Love » - « I Got the Boy »

Elektra / Warner


 Jamie Lawson – Jamie Lawson

Jamie LawsonJamie Lawson

Englishman Jamie Lawson is an adult alternative rock singer who rose to prominence in Irish bars before being discovered by Ed Sheeran. On this first eponymous album, he offers an acoustic pop rock sound with influences from folk and always highly effective melodies. 40 years old, Lawson is more mature than most of the other British singers in the genre that emerged in recent years, and you can hear it. The whole 36 minutes pleasantly flow without annoying or uninteresting parts.

Music Video: « Wasn’t Expecting That »

Gingerbread Man / Atlantic / Warner



 Majical Cloudz – Are You Alone?

Majical CloudzAre You Alone?

Majical Cloudz is a Montreal duo that was formed in 2010. This is in fact the solo project of Devon Welsh that started with very lo-fi home recordings before he asked the services of multi-instrumentalist Matthew Otto. The duo offers a rather atmospheric electronic sound with elements of indie rock. Are You Alone? is their second album, which picks up where they had left us with the excellent Impersonator in 2013. More mesmerizing than the previous one, this new album borrows from other more classic music genres, thanks in part to the effective use of the piano and saxophone at some points. The whole record certainly requires a couple of good plays to adhere completely to it, but the effort is greatly rewarded. Here is a solid and very creative album, although a certain fatigue can set in if we do not manage to hold on to its special atmosphere.

Arts & Crafts



 Daniela Nardi – Espresso Manifesto: Canto

Daniela NardiEspresso Manifesto: Canto

After her beautiful tribute to Paolo Conte in 2012, the jazz singer is back with another album in her Espresso Manifesto series. On Canto, Daniela Nardi pays tribute to Italian traditions, combining old world charm with modern grooves. She interprets 10 timeless songs composed by great names of pop music and Italian jazz. She also adds a piece of her own to an already well stocked album. Canto has a mix of bossa nova, pop and soul, with some blues elements. The album was recorded between Toronto and Naples, and it includes many great musicians from Italy and Canada. Here is a beautiful musical adventure that is good to taste to the end.

Minerva Road / eOne / SIX



 Rudimental – We the Generation

RudimentalWe the Generation

The London house band is back with a second album after the excellent Home issued in 2013. Once again, we find elements of drum 'n' bass and dubstep, but overall, their music is a little more accessible on We the Generation with quite pop and R&B songs. The 14 tracks totaling over 61 minutes include many guest artists like Mahalia, Dizzee Rascal, Ella Eyre, Ed Sheeran, Lianne La Havas and Bobby Womack. Less oriented to the biggest clubs dance floors, We the Generation should otherwise reach a much wider audience.

Music Videos: « Never Let You Go » - « Rumour Mill » - « I Will For Love » - « We the Generation » - « Lay It All On Me »

Asylum / Atlantic / Warner


 The Sheepdogs – Future Nostalgia

The SheepdogsFuture Nostalgia

The indie rock band from Saskatoon is back with its fifth album, well anchored in Canadian rock tradition. In fact, at first glance, we seem to hear a bar cover band that decided to make its own songs. The references are numerous with bands like Bachman Turner Overdrive and The Guess Who, but also Thin Lizzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin and many others of the genre. Otherwise, do not misunderstand: even if the group seems largely to borrow from the past, they managed to renew the genre and remain very pleasant to listen to, which in itself is a tour de force. Future Nostalgia contains no less than 18 tracks, but these are only short songs totaling just 50 minutes. So this is a very good album of classic rock, a somewhat dirty album, but with so pleasant melodies.

Music Video: « Downtown »





November 8-14:


 Dirty Ghosts – Let It Pretend

Dirty GhostsLet It Pretend

Singer native from Toronto Allyson Baker was part of Teen Crud Combo (a band inspired by Motörhead) before reorienting in Dirty Ghosts. They released their first album in 2012, Metal Moon, and they are back with their sophomore record. Left to herself, Allyson wrote everything by herself for this new album around the themes of isolation, uncertainty and misperceptions. Fortunately, she was able to find her alter ego in Tony Sevener, the new drummer. Their indie rock style seems a little more pop on occasions and you can compare them to The Stranglers and The Police. Without huge surprises, Dirty Ghosts have an energetic and pleasant album to listen to.

Last Gang


Flying Joes – Let It Out

Flying JoesLet It Out

Flying Joes is a Montreal trio born from the ashes of Jelly Fiche that presents its first album. They offer a raw rock sound slightly tinted of blues with influences from Led Zeppelin, Bad Company and Thin Lizzy. The guitar riffs are at the heart of their music that moves royally. Legendary producer Glen Robinson (Ramones, AC/DC, Keith Richards, Voivod) has surely something to do for it. Although they operate in a territory that was largely overexploited in the past, the Flying Joes musicians manage to give a good dose of energy to their music to make it more than interesting and very entertaining.




 Gang Signs – Geist

Gang Signs – Geist

Gang Signs is a Vancouver trio coming to us with their debut album. This is the new creative project of Peter Ricq of the Humans duo, accompanied for the occasion by singer and keyboardist Matea Sarenac and drummer Adam Fink. They offer a rather dark electronic sound, on the edge of melancholy, a kind of cinematic new wave, but also with its danceable side. They can be compared to New Order and Depeche Mode, but with the coldness of Joy Division and Kraftwerk. The Cure are never far away either. Arguably no surprise that the band draws inspiration from the 1980s’ alternative dance music. Despite a somewhat questionable originality, Geist has a good guideline that will probably please fans of the aforementioned bands.

File Under: Music


 Rhiannon Giddens – Tomorrow is My Turn

Rhiannon GiddensTomorrow is My Turn

The singer and multi-instrumentalist from North Carolina releases her first solo album, produced by T-Bone Burnett. On this first album, she attempts to move away somewhat from her experience with The Carolina Chocolate Drops, offering an excellent blend of blues and country with some jazz elements. She covers songs written and/or popularized by women including Dolly Parton, Nina Simone and Patsy Cline. She also presents the title song which was written by Charles Aznavour. One of the great features of Rhiannon Giddens is that she can give a contemporary touch to songs from another era while maintaining the old style in a nice way so pleasant to hear. A great interpreter record!

Nonesuch / Warner



 Kaskade – Automatic


Born in Chicago, producer and DJ Ryan Raddon (aka Kaskade) is best known in the San Francisco Bay. After several years of intense work, he comes up with perhaps his most accomplished album to date. The sound research is exceptional and he offers modern tracks while making a nod to the past with a few moments that can remind New Order and the Pet Shop Boys. But the house music fans don’t have to worry because his music still can be brought in clubs. It's more in terms of the musical wealth that Kaskade is able to integrate various highly interesting subtleties. He sails blithely between pop music and underground for a house style that is highly effective and deep. It is a first class album that offers us the American DJ.

Music Videos: « Never Sleep Alone » (feat. Tess Comrie) - « Disarm You » (feat. Ilsey)




Kurt Vile – B’lieve I’m Goin Down…

Kurt VileB’lieve I’m Goin Down…

Having attracted attention with his fifth album, Wakin on a Pretty Daze, the alternative singer is back with B'lieve I'm Goin Down... A little less eccentric this time, Vile often replaces electric guitar by a discreet piano, acoustic guitar or banjo. Electric guitars are only occasionally added to the musical arrangements for a little more depth. The whole of 61 minutes thus proves to be rather introspective and melancholic in a style that reminds us of the great Bob Dylan on some occasions. The exercise is very successful with only a few songs that seem to stretch too much. This is again a very good record for this former member of The War on Drugs.





November 1-7:


 Bryan Adams – Get Up

Bryan AdamsGet Up

Get Up is the thirteenth studio album by Canadian Bryan Adams, all in 35 years of career. For the occasion, he returned to his longtime collaborator Jim Vallance, with whom he co-wrote most of his greatest hits in the 1980s. Another important addition: producer Jeff Lynne. The result is an energetic album that surprises from the opening track, "You Belong To Me", for its rock 'n' roll beat. Adams seemed to have fun during the recording of the album which unfortunately contains only nine original songs to which are added four acoustic versions of the best ones. Despite the addition of these acoustic recordings, the CD barely crosses the 36 minutes, a very inadequate sum for an album worthy of this name. With Get Up, Bryan Adams offers us many good songs, but he would have had to add a few ones to successfully completely satisfy us.

Music Videos: « You Belong To Me » - « Brand New Day »

Polydor / Universal


Susie Arioli – Spring

Susie ArioliSpring

The Montreal jazz singer is back with a new album, but this time, she finally reveals her talent as a songwriter with four songs of her own. She offers vivid rhythms performed by first class musicians led by multi-instrumentalist and arranger Don Thompson. True to her style, she plays several jazz standards by adding a personal touch. The energy that is found throughout the CD suggests that the pleasure was huge in the studio while recording. With Spring, Susie Arioli gives her fans and any jazz fan positive and entertaining music. This is possibly one of her best records to date.

Spectra / SIX


 Cecilia String Quartet – Mendelssohn, Op. 44, Nos 1, 2

Cecilia String Quartet Mendelssohn, Op. 44, Nos 1, 2

The three string quartets of Opus 44 by Mendelssohn were completed in 1838, while his reputation was growing. The "String Quartet in D major, Op. 44, No. 1" was the first issued, but the last completed. As for the "String Quartet in E minor, Op. 44, No. 2", it was the first completed. These two beautiful concertos are interpreted beautifully by the Cecilia String Quartet, the ensemble in residence at the Music Faculty of the University of Toronto.



 Chris Cornell – Higher Truth

Chris CornellHigher Truth

After a pop turn rather missed in 2009 on Scream, former Soundgarden singer gradually regains consciousness. For Higher Truth, he requested the services of producer Brendan O'Brien (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Korn, Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against the Machine, The Black Crowes). Cornell offers a pretty sweet alternative rock sound, with a few moments of baroque pop, much more interesting music from a creative point of view that the failed electro-pop of Scream. The arrangements remain subtle while being rich, and many songs have an almost acoustic atmosphere, an enveloping and warm atmosphere. Despite 15 tracks totaling over 62 minutes, Higher Truth contains a nice guideline and it’s listening happily to the end. A nice surprise!

Music Video: « Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart »




 The Dead Weather – Dodge and Burn

The Dead WeatherDodge and Burn

The super group of Jack White with Alison Mosshart (The Kills) at the mic is back with its third album. The band pushes some barriers on this third release with more aggressive songs than ever bringing us back to the 1970s metal or 1990s grunge. Alison has nothing of her sex appeal anymore with a wilder voice than ever. And the dirty side of Dead Weather is not unpleasant, on the contrary! We have the feeling that the quartet has finally found its true playground. The group offers us their best compositions to date and it is possibly one of the most interesting side projects for Jack White.

Music Video: « I Feel Love (Every Million Miles) »

Third Man



 Lana Del Rey – Honeymoon

Lana Del ReyHoneymoon

For her third album, Lana Del Rey takes a very melancholic or melodramatic tangent. The songs are proving to be especially introspective with a deep, heavy and emotionally charged atmosphere. The moments of hip hop that we could hear on Born To Die are completely missing, as are the brightest elements of Ultraviolence. Honeymoon is more focused on her voice with beautiful and soft arrangements. However, at the middle of the CD, the pleasure decreases somewhat and although it would take a change of pace to maintain interest. Unfortunately, with 14 tracks totaling 65 minutes, Honeymoon puts our patience to the test, except if you are captivated by the voice of the singer.

Music Video: « High by the Beach »

Interscope / Universal


 Selena Gomez – Revival

Selena GomezRevival

With everything that happened in the life of Selena Gomez in the last two years (separation, new record company, management problems, etc.), no wonder she wants a fresh start with Revival. She takes a little more control over the album, participating in writing. This results in a slightly more adult album with a nice mix of danceable pop and ballads, also integrating several R&B songs. Otherwise, she tries to do too much at times, and some pieces called "adult" become too forced. In addition, among the 14 tracks, some are frankly annoying and should be skipped to continue to appreciate it. Despite these less interesting moments, Selena Gomez presents a production of great professionalism.

Music Videos: « Good For You » - « Same Old Love »

Interscope / Universal


 Chris Hadfield - Space Sessions: Songs From a Tin Can

Chris Hadfield - Space Sessions: Songs From a Tin Can

Astronaut Chris Hadfield was the first Canadian to walk in space and to control the international space station. In his spare time, he plays music and he even recorded a few songs in orbit. On Space Sessions: Songs From a Tin Can, can be heard for the first time music recorded from space, even if everything was completed on Earth, of course. Hadfield features 11 original compositions in a folk rock introspective style tinged with some country. Some songs like "Beyond the Terra" are particularly successful while others do not really stand out. As a bonus, he offers us his very personal version of David Bowie’s "Space Oddity".



 Ought – Sun Coming Down

OughtSun Coming Down

After the excellent album More Than Any Other Day which was issued last year, the Montreal indie rock band is already back with its second album. Again, Ought dare to present long songs, the centerpiece is undoubtedly "Beautiful Blue Sky" which extends up nicely on almost eight minutes. The album of only eight tracks still reaches 40 minutes and above all, it is effective to the end. However, their music can seem austere at first with somewhat cacophonous experimental post-punk and without melodies. But they manage to catch our attention by some unknown things. This is probably their creativity that makes them so exciting. Although Sun Coming Down may not have the instant appeal of their first album, Ought prove once again their relevance within the Montréal alternative scene.




 Charles Richard-Hamelin – Chopin

Charles Richard-HamelinChopin

For his first solo album, the talented pianist Charles Richard-Hamelin, one of the most promising of his generation, makes a tribute to Frederic Chopin. He chose late works of Chopin composed between 1843 and 1846: the "Sonata No. 3, op. 58", "Polonaise-fantaisie, op. 61" and two "Nocturnes, op. 62". These complex and emotionally charged works are beautifully interpreted by Richard-Hamelin, with an extremely solid technique. With this first recording of high quality, Charles Richard-Hamelin proves he has definitely his place alongside the major and world-renowned pianists.



Keith Richards – Crosseyed Heart

Keith RichardsCrosseyed Heart

After 23 years of waiting, Keith Richards is back with a new solo album. Crosseyed Heart gives us the feeling that it was quickly recorded without great arrangements. And that's a compliment to the Stones guitarist as he has always been at his best in a slightly dirty and vintage style. Richards presents in addition good compositions among the 15 tracks offered, including "Heartstopper", "Trouble" and "Blues in the Morning." Let’s also mention the duet with Norah Jones for "Illusion" and the adaptation of Lead Belly’s "Goodnight Irene" with new lyrics. What is particularly pleasant with Keith Richards is that he did not have anything to prove to anyone for a long time and he can afford to just have fun. At the same time, he also pleases us with an excellent blend of rock 'n' roll, blues, country and folk. Here is a very good album by the legendary guitarist.

Virgin / Universal



 Robin Schulz – Sugar

Robin SchulzSugar

The German DJ and producer is back with a second album, after the global success of Prayer catapulted last year through the instant successes of "Prayer in C" and "Waves". Robin Schulz comes back with corporate house music, always upbeat and very catchy. The main difference is that there are no more other artists remixes, but 15 original songs by Schulz himself. Obviously, he remains almost always accompanied by guest singers including Francesco Yates for the title song, Akon, Aleesia and Moby. The immediate hits are "Headlights", "Yellow" and the title track, but we must also mention the excellent "Heatwave" with Akon and "Pride" with soFly and Nius. The song with Moby, "Moonlit Sky" comes to close beautifully this lovely album that will surely satisfy his fans.

Music Videos: « Headlights » (feat. Ilsey) – « Sugar » (feat. Francesco Yates)

Tonspiel / Warner



 Francesco Yates – Francesco Yates

Francesco YatesFrancesco Yates

Toronto's Francesco Yates is only 19 years old but he already receives all the recognition of artists like Pharrell Williams for his writing and his sense of pop music. He releases a six-track EP that quickly provides an overview of his vast talent. He offers a great mix of pop and R&B with several highly effective ballads, including the first single, "Call". One can detect influences of Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake, but bet that Yates will succeed quickly to establish his own style. Here is a Canadian artist to watch closely!

Atlantic / Warner



Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington, DC (1980-90) (DVD)

Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington, DC (1980-90) (DVD)

The 1980s saw the birth of several hardcore punk bands in Washington, all influenced by the New York punk born a few years earlier. The documentary by Scott Crawford is summarizing the debut of the DIY punk scene. One can discover bands like Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Fugazi, Government Issue, Scream, Rites of Spring, Marginal Man and many others. For the first time, groups were producing themselves, both their albums and their concerts, a trend that would grow in the 2000s following the collapse of the record industry. The critically acclaimed documentary has earned several awards. It is interesting not only for its informative content about a whole section of the history of music, but also for concert performance by important bands of the movement.

New Rose / MVD


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 Disturbed – Immortalized


Immortalized is the sixth album by the metal band from Chicago and their first in five years. There is remaining a bottom of their metal sound with loud drums and good guitar riffs, but with often quite common contemporary rock choruses. Above all, the band turns too much to its past when we recognize the same old rhythms at the point of almost being able to replace some choruses by a previous one, without major adjustments. The first single, "The Vengeful One", could have been issued in 2002, "Who Taught You How To Hate" sounds like an already heard too much arena rock sound, and the title track recalls Muse. Disturbed is revisiting Simon & Garfunkel’s "The Sound of Silence", an interesting idea, but still remaining quite strange in the mouth of David Draiman. The energetic "The Light" is perhaps the most worthy of mention when the CD falls too quickly in not very creative mid-tempo metal music. Disturbed have perhaps their worst album to date with Immortalized. (October 2015)

Music Video: « The Vengeful One »

Reprise / Warner



 Ghost – Meliora


Also known as Ghost B.C., the Swedish metal band is back with its third album. The band has previously presented a mix of black metal and goth metal and they come up with their most accessible album to date with pop melodies and a clearer voice than ever. Producer Klas Ahlund (Usher, Katy Perry, Madonna) has certainly something to do with it. Ghost offer anyway very good guitar riffs in a hard rock style, with still a few times a little creepy or disturbing. Despite these moments, the masked men have almost no more than their costumes and their satanic lyrics to scare anyone. Let's say that the impact is not the same when delivered with a voice that is too nice... In fact, Alice Cooper and Blue Öyster Cult come much quicker in mind than any Scandinavian black metal reference. Progressive rock is also very present on several occasions, and "Mummy Dust" is the best possible link with Mercyful Fate. However, even if Ghost will infuriate fans of black metal, they still offer us a very well written and enjoyable album to listen to. Papa Emeritus (III for the occasion) and his band present a varied and highly efficient album. (October 2015)

Music Videos: « Cirice » - « From the Pinnacle to the Pit »

Seven Four / Concord



 Iron Maiden – The Book of Souls

Iron MaidenThe Book of Souls

After five years of absence on record, the legendary British metal band is back with nothing less than a double album of 92 minutes. There are three songs over 10 minutes, including the great conclusion of 18 minutes, "Empire of the Clouds", composed by Bruce Dickinson. Even though it may seem daring to Iron Maiden to offer a vast record at this stage of their careers, we must admit that The Book of Souls takes epic paces on several occasions. The band certainly does not reinvent itself, as it contains all the elements that have characterized them so far. But it has several compositions with very great qualities which could find themselves alongside their best shots in career. Both CDs are pretty well balanced with each having their great moments and their more predictable passages. Otherwise, the second CD seems to offer a better evolution to its conclusion, the only real weak point being undoubtedly "Shadows of the Valley". The first CD opens beautifully with "If Eternity Should Fail" and "Speed ​​of Light". We find later "The Red and the Black", signed by Steve Harris reminding us of "Rime of the Ancient Mariner". Before moving to the second act, we could not forget the excellent title track. The Book of Souls is a surprising album, not necessarily musically, but because we didn’t think anymore to be able to hear a finished work like that from Iron Maiden. To be filed not too far from their classic albums... (October 2015)

Music Video: « Speed of Light »

Parlophone / Warner



 Lindemann – Skills in Pills

LindemannSkills in Pills

Lindemann is the new duo of Rammstein singer Till Lindemann, and Swedish multi-instrumentalist Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, PAIN). They offer us an industrial metal sound that is not so far from Rammstein, but to which they add grandiose orchestrations. Also, Germany's Till Lindemann is singing entirely in English for the first time. The themes often revolve around sex, always approached in a rather crooked angle. In fact, black humor and sarcastic humor are at the heart of this album which has industrial music of the highest quality. We even seem to hear a rejuvenated Rammstein from 15 years which would benefit from the musical talent of Tägtgren. Here is an album for which we did not have high expectations, and which proves to be very interesting. As a bonus, they give us a beautiful booklet, magnificently illustrated with the two protagonists in the most outlandish situations, including a Last Supper representing sailors in an orgy of drugs and alcohol. (October 2015)

Music Videos: « Praise Abort » - « Fish On »




 Trivium – Silence in the Snow

TriviumSilence in the Snow

The Orlando, Florida metal band takes a more accessible tangent with Silence in the Snow. Indeed, it takes hard rock band paces while the voice is melodious and cleaner than ever and the riffs are not likely to mess up your hair. There are a few somewhat faster moments that can remember their speed metal trends of yesteryear, but the guitars are more often than not overshadowed by the voice of Matt Heafy who seems to want to steal the show at all costs. You could probably find an improvement in his singing quality, but the fact remains that he will certainly never be part of the great voices of metal. Their desire to offer catchy choruses sometimes plays tricks while in some cases they become almost interchangeable. This is the case for example for "Dead and Gone" and "Beneath the Sun". In conclusion, Trivium have a decent pop metal album, but that is not likely to rally many of their previous fans. (October 2015)

Music Videos: « Silence in the Snow » - « Blind Leading the Blind » - « Until the World Goes Cold »

Roadrunner / Warner


 Marilyn Manson – The Pale Emperor

Marilyn MansonThe Pale Emperor

Marilyn Manson and his trusty colleague Tyler Bates are back with a new album, their ninth. They have a sound a little more influenced by blues with several slower songs like the introduction ("Killing Strangers") and "Third Day of a Seven Day Binge". Otherwise, when the duo returns to pieces that move, it is still doing it fully with some instant classics as "Deep Six" that you will listen repeatedly to inject a good dose of energy. In fact, there are some dark lyrics and dynamism that has made the reputation of Marilyn Manson, but without falling into the trap of trying to repeat the same old material. It still has some industrial keys here and there, but the main point that unites Manson with his past is his voice, as for the rest, we find ourselves certainly elsewhere. We have to face the fact that Manson cannot shock as easily as before, and it is perfect that he doesn’t try to do it at all costs. The Pale Emperor seems less forced, more natural, which changes somewhat of Marilyn Manson in the last decade. We can say that this is probably his best album in 15 years. (March 2015)

Music Video: « Deep Six »

Dine Alone



 Children of Bottom – I Worship Chaos

Children of BottomI Worship Chaos

New album from the Finnish metal band.



Five Finger Death Punch – Got Your Six

Five Finger Death PunchGot Your Six

New very ordinary album by the alternative metal band from Los Angeles.


 Hollywood Undead – Day of the Dead

Hollywood UndeadDay of the Dead

The fifth album of the rap metal band from Los Angeles is perhaps their most interesting to date.



Rob Zombie – Spookshow International Live

Rob ZombieSpookshow International Live

A Rob Zombie album recorded live during his last tour, Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor, in 2013.



OCTOber 15-21:


 Shawn Colvin – Uncovered

Shawn ColvinUncovered

The American folk singer and songwriter releases a new cover album, 21 years after Cover Girl. This time, we find often obscure songs by artists like Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Tom Waits, Stevie Wonder, Robbie Robertson, John Fogerty, and many others. The completely stripped interpretation should well do justice to the quality of the compositions offered. But, Shawn Colvin falls very often in a sleeping version of these songs. One of the few highlights is undoubtedly her version of Tom Waits’ "Hold On". Otherwise, you will have very little interesting material to discover, the original versions remaining certainly more significant. Note the collaboration of David Crosby on "Baker Street" and Marc Cohn on "Gimme a Little Sign". (October 2015)

Fantasy / Concord



 Mac Miller – GO:OD AM

Mac Miller – GO:OD AM

The young rapper from Pittsburgh is already issuing his third album with GO:OD AM. Quickly listening to this record of 70 minutes, we guess he probably comes out of rehabilitation, even without knowing his personal life. All his lyrics are colored as if it was at the center of his universe for quite some time. Aside from his lyrics that do not necessarily join everyone, his music remains creative while being fairly accessible. In fact, he seems to take some creative elements of his second album to get them elsewhere. The musical richness is remarkable throughout the CD. Just to add a bit more variety to the album, Miller surrounded himself with several collaborators like Lil B, Miguel, Chief Keef, Little Dragon, etc. With GO:OD AM, Mac Miller is able to build on his past to look at the future, a future very promising since he offers his most solid album to date. (October 2015)




 Shinedown – Threat To Survival

ShinedownThreat To Survival

The post-grunge band from Jacksonville, Florida is back with their fifth album. Still as inspired by Creed and Nickelback, Shinedown offer us a lot of mid-tempo songs that often lack of punch. Otherwise, it is certainly their most commercial album to date with songs that are ready to invade radios. The album begins strongly with the catchy "Asking For It" and "Cut the Cord". The group departs somewhat from post-grunge on "State of My Head" with a mix of old alternative rock and electro-pop. One thing is sure, with this contemporary rock style, the band has no more links with its metal roots. Aside from "Black Cadillac" towards the end which is more dynamic and efficient, we can say that Threat To Survival has nothing really threatening and proves to be rather clean. Still found are a few interesting pieces that can reconcile us with this band often compared to a pale copy of Nickelback. (October 2015)

Music Video: « Cut the Cord »

Atlantic / Warner




OCTOber 8-14:


 Gary Clark Jr. – The Story of Sonny Boy Slim

Gary Clark Jr.The Story of Sonny Boy Slim

The one we considered as the future of blues since his debut proves that he wants to go well beyond that label. On The Story of Sonny Boy Slim, his second studio album, he explores new territories rather far from classic blues. There are still good guitars, but musically, Gary Clark Jr. goes elsewhere. He introduces an excellent blend of Afro-American music between R&B, soul, funk, rock, hip hop and even gospel. However, the thread remains rooted in blues, his first influence. Stevie Ray Vaughan fans may find that Clark does not show enough his talent as a guitarist. It’s because he uses his instrument primarily to communicate his message and emotion, without flamboyant solos. It goes to his credit, as he offers an album of very high quality. (October 2015)

Music Video: « Church »




 Jess Glynne – I Cry When I Laugh

Jess GlynneI Cry When I Laugh

The London female singer who will turn 26 on October 20 releases her first album with I Cry When I Laugh. She presents a mix of pop heavily influenced by the 1980s and R&B, with a soulful voice in many occasions. Unfortunately, despite good melodies and danceable beats, she hardly manages to capture our attention. The songwriter would have needed a writing hand. The album's greatest moment is actually a hit by Clean Bandit, "Rather Be", on which Jess only lends her voice... Note also the collaboration of Emeli Sandé on "Saddest Vanilla". Jess Glynne certainly doesn’t lack talent as interpreter, but she will have to surround herself better for the composition of stronger songs. (October 2015)

Music Videos: « Rather Be » - « Hold My Hand » - « Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself » - « Why Me »

Atlantic / Warner



Vieux Farka Touré & Julia Easterlin – Touristes

Vieux Farka Touré & Julia EasterlinTouristes

The famous Malian singer and guitarist Vieux Farka Touré joins American singer Julia Easterlin for this surprising album. The unlikely duo met in New York City in 2014 and in less than two hours, they had already composed four songs. On Tourists, they present six original songs, two adaptations of traditional songs, as well as covers of Bob Dylan’s "Masters of War" and Fever Ray’s "I'm Not Done". Their worlds meet in a mixture of the southern United States and Africa, a fusion between blues, folk and world music. The themes are as important when they are talking about family, their origins and the war in Mali. Here are two artists who don’t speak the same language but who are uniting together beautifully in music. (October 2015)

Six Degrees / SIX




OCTOber 1-7:


Duran Duran – Paper Gods

Duran DuranPaper Gods

Duran Duran seem more than ever in peace with their past on Paper Gods, so they make a nod to some of their albums on the cover. In addition, they asked Nile Rogers to participate in the production (with Mark Ronson), the one that had produced Notorious in 1986. Musically, the band remains recognizable among others and comparisons with their best years are inevitable. However, Paper Gods presents essentially modern music that goes very well in 2015. This constant struggle between past and present certainly remains the most interesting element of this album that allows the band to stay in. Several collaborations are included on the CD, the most relevant being Mr. Hudson, Kiesza and Janelle Monae on the excellent "Pressure Off". Without revolutionizing anything, Paper Gods contains enough quality songs to keep the interest of their fans. (October 2015 Featured Review)







Maddie & Tae – Start Here

Maddie & TaeStart Here

Maddie Marlow and Taylor Dye are a young female duo from Nashville which was recently formed and they release their first album. The duo offers a refreshing contemporary country sound, with both energy and creativity. The production by Dann Huff is rather commercial and in this sense, one can quickly compare them to Taylor Swift. Otherwise, the creativity of Maddie & Tae allows them to be different. Several pieces stand out of the lot, including the hit "Girl in a Country Song". But above all, what we can notice throughout the CD, this is the joy of life that emerges. Start Here is a positive album that is very pleasant to listen to. Perhaps this is only a start for the young duo, but let’s bet that we will hear about them again. (October 2015 Featured New Artist)

Music Videos: « Girl in a Country Song » - « Fly »




 The Dears – Times Infinity, Volume One

The DearsTimes Infinity, Volume One

The Montreal band celebrates 20 years of career this year and for the occasion, they entered the studio to record 10 new songs contained on Times Infinity, Volume One. Murray Lightburn and his band seemed particularly inspired on this sixth record that has a fine series of rather introspective tracks, but with great refinement. The arrangements are beautiful and well worth putting the themes of sentimentality facing uncertainty and the concept of eternal love in all its fragility. The second volume of Times Infinity is expected in early 2016. (October 2015)

Pheromone / SIX



 Brett Eldredge – Illinois

Brett EldredgeIllinois

The country singer from Illinois issues his second album to date. He does not waste any time and he is already exploring different musical genres, including disco on the excellent "You Can’t Stop Me", a duet with Thomas Rhett. He thus breaks the barrier between contemporary R&B and country, perhaps to broaden his audience. What is sure is that the exercise is more than successful since "You Can’t Stop Me" certainly appears to be the strength of this record, with the energetic hit "Lose My Mind". Eldredge is as solid in his country dance style that borrows a little to rock. It is in ballads that we lose him a little, although his voice is powerful. In fact, this is an album that lacks balance, with amazing songs and ballads or mid-tempo tracks that are more common. (October 2015)

Music Video: « Lose My Mind »

Atlantic / Warner


 Jewel – Picking Up the Pieces

JewelPicking Up the Pieces

Picking Up the Pieces is Jewel’s first real album in five years, if we exclude her children's records. She returns this time with introspective folk music closer to the sound that made her famous 20 years ago. The songwriter and performer who had taken a pop tangent at the turn of the millennium boils down to the style that looks best to her, either as a storyteller. She has written hundreds of touching songs like this over the years and that style sticks to her skin. Jewel has some gems with her unmistakable voice including "Love Used To Be" and "Everything Breaks". She also collaborates with two giants on first quality tracks: Rodney Crowell on "It Doesn’t Hurt Right Now" and with Dolly Parton on "My Father's Daughter". Some of the songs offered are dating back to the time of Pieces of You 20 years ago, but they had never been recorded. Even if we cannot find the naivety of her debut, the poetess from Alaska offers us a very good folk album, a more than interesting addition to her long discography. (October 2015)

Sugar Hill



 Leona Lewis – I Am

Leona LewisI Am

With I Am, the English singer releases her first album outside of the machine of Simon Cowell who brought her to stardom. She took the opportunity to change her sound to a slightly more soulful style, even if electro components are often included in the danceable arrangements. Otherwise, she has no hesitation to break that rhythm with piano ballads to put her voice in front ("You Know Me When", etc.). She wrote most of the songs with Toby Gad and the whole has her best compositions to date. Like what a new team can bring a good breath of fresh air in a career that seemed reluctant to change. Obviously, you need to have an interest in pop / R&B music, but Leona Lewis gives us probably her best album to date. (October 2015)

Music Video: « Thunder »

Def Jam / Universal



 Stéphane Tétreault – Haydn – Schubert – Brahms

Stéphane TétreaultHaydn – Schubert – Brahms

The young virtuoso cellist Stéphane Tétreault was accompanied by the pianist Marie-Ève Scarfone to play works for cello and piano from Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert and Johannes Brahms. First, we can hear Haydn’s "Divertimento in D Major after Hob", Schubert’s "Sonata in A minor, Arpeggione", and finally Brahms’ "Sonata No. 1 in E minor". On this second solo recording, the 22-year-old prodigy makes one with his instrument he has mastered to perfection. And that, despite the complexity of the three works offered. (October 2015)



Wilco – Star Wars

WilcoStar Wars

This is already the 11th studio album by Wilco in their 20-year career, yet the band still seems to be able to surprise us. This time, it's with guitar sounds somewhat experimental in opening that can remind us of Sonic Youth. Jeff Tweedy and his band give the feeling that they frankly had fun in the studio, as if they had let the inspiration go out without restraint. The result is a much less thought album than the previous ones, but so pleasant to listen to. In addition, the melodies are strong and we find some compelling guitar riffs, with superb distortion. Wilco definitely does a facelift with Star Wars like if we would be going back 20 years ago with a group of young musicians who are experimenting without guessing they will become one of the most acclaimed American bands for two decades. A great album! (October 2015)

Anti- / Epitaph





Carly Rae Jepsen – E-MO-TION

Carly Rae JepsenE-MO-TION

The pop female singer from British Columbia is back with her third album, three years after the success of Kiss, powered by the bomb "Call Me Maybe". Even if we do not find any hits of that size on E-MO-TION, most of the 12 songs remain above the average of what is done in this genre that is often disposable after use. Carly offers light and entertaining pop music, yet creative. The influences of the 1980s are evident throughout the record, but the young woman of 29 years old skillfully managed to carry on these influences in 2015 for a modern and fashionable set. In this sense, one can partly compare her to another one of her biggest influences, Robyn. Ultimately, E-MO-TION is more consistent than Kiss with a better guideline. It only lacks another "Call Me Maybe". (September 2015 Featured Review)

Music Videos: « I Really Like You » - « Run Away With Me »

604 / Universal







Years & Years – Communion

Years & Years Communion

Years & Years is a young London electro pop band formed in 2010. The trio offers music based on synthesizers and the voice of singer Olly Alexander. Their sound is thus somewhere between 1980s pop and Justin Timberlake. There are also some moments a little more deep house or post-punk in the New Order style. The group has several pretty atmospheric introductions, but also some well supported rhythms thanks to the bass of Mikey Goldsworthy. In fact, the band seems to have very varied influences, even if it remains primarily a pop trio. Certainly, it is a very good first album that offer us the three young men. (September 2015 Featured New Artist)

Music Videos: « Real » - « Take Shelter » - « Desire » - « King » - « Shine » - « Foundation »

Interscope / Universal



 Jeanne Added – Be Sensational

Jeanne AddedBe Sensational

The French Jeanne Added releases a first electro rock album, rather dark and heavy. Produced by Dan Levy (The Do), the record actually contains 40 minutes of this minimalist but powerful music, somewhere between electro pop and post-punk, with some cinematic ballads. Jeanne's voice bewitches when she delivers personal lyrics or denunciates a little more, all in English to create a little distance with herself. This is a very good album that offers us the songwriter and performer from Reims. (September 2015)

Music Video: « A War is Coming »

Naïve / SIX



 The Arcs – Yours, Dreamily

The ArcsYours, Dreamily

The Arcs is a side project by Dan Auerbach (Black Keys) who teams up for the occasion with multi-instrumentalist Leon Michaels. On this first album, the band presents a great mix of indie rock, blues rock and country folk, with some elements of soul / R&B. The production is of quality and differs somewhat with the minimalist side of the Black Keys. Otherwise, there are several anchor points with the main band of Auerbach, especially in blues songs. This is a very good album that offer us The Arcs, a diverse but cohesive album, which is pleasant to listen to the end. (September 2015)

Music Video: « Put a Flower in Your Pocket »

Nonesuch / Warner



 Atlas Genius – Inanimate Objects

Atlas GeniusInanimate Objects

The electro pop / indie rock Australian band is back with its second album, two years after When It Was Now. You can still compare them to The Killers and Imagine Dragons, but the main problem is that they are trying once again to go in all directions with walls of guitars interrupted by old synthesizers. It's like every time they take a pop direction they rather say that they should be more rock, and vice versa. For a varied album, it is successful, but it quickly loses focus, never really knowing who you are dealing with. Fortunately that once you get over this annoyance, you enjoy most of it thanks to several anthems worthy to fill arenas. The rhythms and melodies are dynamic, effective. And it is not devoid of creativity, despite several similarities. In addition, the production of Frederik Thaae is impeccable and is well worth the Atlas Genius music. Inanimate Objects is therefore a rather enigmatic album that can both please and seduce us, or leave us unsatisfied and bored. In fact, the most important thing when you are listening to the album is to have a positive attitude. (September 2015)

Music Video: « Molecules »



Bon Jovi – Burning Bridges

Bon JoviBurning Bridges

With a new album coming in 2016, Bon Jovi have decided to make a gift to their fans to make them wait by releasing songs never released, incomplete so far and two new ones. Although it is labeled as an album for the fans, Burning Bridges seems more like a contractual obligation before moving elsewhere. Several lyrics are also lacking subtlety about it, including the title track. This is the first record without Richie Sambora and it is perhaps also a way to prepare the public for what it is awaiting in the future. What is worrying is that the only track co-signed by Sambora, "Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning", turns out to be one of the best moments of this record of 10 songs. "I'm Your Man" is also interesting, but for the rest, Burning Bridges is dangerously lacking melodies and is frankly exaggerating on ballads and mid-tempo songs without energy. Let’s wait for the real new album before judging of the future of the New Jersey band, but we certainly could have done without this music patchwork of little interest, except perhaps for their biggest fans. (September 2015)

Island / Universal


 Sabrina Carpenter – Eyes Wide Open

Sabrina CarpenterEyes Wide Open

Aged of only 16 years old, Sabrina Carpenter was one of the Disney stars for some years. After the successful "Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying" and an EP last year, she now releases her first full-length album. In addition to her previous hit, we find "We'll Be the Stars" and the title track. Her pop music style is generally acoustic and based on the melodies. Sabrina herself has participated in writing some songs, in addition to relying on collaborators as Meghan Trainor for two songs including "Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying". Sabrina Carpenter has a strong voice to carry her soft and catchy pop sound that is sure to please her young female audience. (September 2015)

Music Videos: « Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying » - « The Middle of Starting Over » - « We’ll Be the Stars » - « Eyes Wide Open »

Hollywood / Universal


The Chemical Brothers – Born in the Echoes

The Chemical BrothersBorn in the Echoes

The electro duo from Manchester, England issues a new album that brings a breath of fresh air, like the hit "Go". Born in the Echoes brings back the best elements of the band (deep house, drum 'n' bass, big beat, funky beats, etc.) to offer us a major album, maybe their best of the 21st century. In fact, the only aspect that is somewhat neglected by the duo is trip hop and other introspective tracks. The danceable rhythms are effective, but never exceed the creativity of the music, because yes electronic music can be creative! The Chemical Brothers have stood out in the genre for 25 years and they intend to come back to the forefront with this new record, to compete again with the French Daft Punk. Born in the Echoes is an excellent album, tailor made for the duo to fill again stadiums around the world. (September 2015)

Music Videos: « Go » - « Sometimes I Feel So Deserted »

Virgin / Universal



 Coeur de Pirate – Roses

Coeur de PirateRoses

Béatrice Martin (aka Coeur de Pirate), already well known in Quebec and France, is about to conquer America as she has just signed a contract with Cherrytree Records (Interscope) in the United States. Meanwhile, she issues her third album, a bilingual record on which she demonstrates her talent in the language of Shakespeare. In fact, her pronunciation is less mannered when she sings in English, strangely. And this is particularly evident when comparing the excellent hit "Carry On" to the French version, "Oublie-moi". For this new album, Coeur de Pirate partnered with a trio of internationally renowned producers: Bjorn Yttling (Lykke Li, Franz Ferdinand), Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey) and Ash Workman (Metronomy). Arrangements make to shine Beatrice's heartbreaking melodies with several songs about the difficult passage to adulthood. The constant changes between French and English, as well as the work of three producers, cause some bumps on the album. However, the quality of several compositions saves the day for a solid record in the end, an album that will serve as an introduction for Coeur de Pirate in Anglophone territories. (September 2015)

Music Video: « Carry On »

Dare To Care



 Destroyer – Poison Season

DestroyerPoison Season

Daniel Bejar (aka Destroyer) pushes a little further his exploration of chamber pop music on Poison Season. This is the 10th album of his solo project and it reached new creative heights. He combines almost perfectly guitars and brass instruments in a pop rock and jazz sound inspired directly by New York City. We can moreover hear three versions of a song called "Times Square". There are several spoken words rather than sung songs and his voice fits very well to the music that accompanies it. For sophisticated and theatrical pop music that focuses on the brass and piano, Poison Season certainly represents what was best in the genre for a long time. Here is an inspired album that is likely to win any fan of different indie pop music. (September 2015)

Music Video: « Times Square »




 Élage Diouf – Melokaane

Élage DioufMelokaane

Originally from Senegal, Élage Diouf was residing in Québec for nearly 20 years. He became known for his countless collaborations, in particular with the Colocs and Cirque du Soleil. After winning numerous awards with her debut album, Aksil, in 2010, he is back with Melokaane. Co-produced by Diouf and Alain Bergé, the album essentially in Wolof addresses the themes of celebration, resilience, fragility of life, the immigrant integration difficulties, spiritual relationships, etc. He pays tributes to Nelson Mandela and Thomas Sankara, two emblematic figures in the struggle against apartheid and respect for human rights. Diouf also offers a beautiful adaptation in Wolof of the Peter Gabriel's classic "Secret World". Finally, there are two effective collaborations: "Tay" with guitarist Jordan Officer and "Just One Day" with singer Johnny Reid. Melokaane is a festive world music album with warm and danceable sounds, very pleasant to listen to the end. (September 2015)

Pump Up the World / SIX



 Dr. Dre – Compton

Dr. DreCompton

The Los Angeles rapper had not made albums for 16 years, but he is now back with Compton. It is the film of his former band, N.W.A. (Straight Outta Compton), which inspired Dr. Dre for what wants to be the soundtrack of the movie. In fact, it is rather the entire career of N.W.A. that inspired him, since we find many references to the past and productions from previous albums throughout Compton. Collaborators are all over the place, starting with his former colleague in N.W.A., Ice Cube. We can also hear Kendrick Lamar, Xzibit, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and others. Despite a guideline of California style of rap, Compton includes many variations and inspirations of R&B, pop and rock. Dr. Dre therefore has a solid album that has everything to please his many fans that were beginning to grow impatient. (September 2015)

Aftermath / Interscope / Universal



Mike Evin – Life As a Lover

Mike Evin Life As a Lover

Mike Evin is a singer, pianist and songwriter from Montreal that offers a pretty reachable pop rock sound. Life as a Lover is his fifth studio album and it shows again joyful and lively music. Produced by Howie Beck (Feist, Walk Off the Earth, Hannah Georgas), the album was recorded in Toronto. It offers a contagious energy that makes him immediately sympathetic and interesting. While he remains anchored in underground music, Mike Evin has all what it takes to get discovered by a wider audience. (September 2015)


 Foals – What Went Down

FoalsWhat Went Down

The English post-punk band is back, two years after the success of Holy Fire. The group pursues in the same direction with What Went Down, but with a production even more powerful, beautiful rock atmospheres and several good rhythms. The band moves away more than ever from their experiments of their debut, while they think a little less. Otherwise, inspiration is still present with very solid compositions that surprise with their creativity. Singer Yannis Philippakis pushes his voice up throughout the CD and you realize that he has a really great one. The band slows down the pace a bit on some occasions, but these are mostly mid-tempo pieces of high efficiency, as the lovely "Birch Tree". With What Went Down not only Foals will not disappoint their fans, but they are likely to attract many others. (September 2015)

Music Videos: « What Went Down » - « Mountain at My Gates »




 David Gogo – Vicksburg Call

David GogoVicksburg Call

The Canadian blues rock guitarist releases his 14th career album with Vicksburg Call. Having shared the stage with some of the biggest names in blues and rock like Johnny Winter, B.B. King, Bo Diddley, Buddy Guy and ZZ Top, he offers perhaps his most consistent album to date. It was recorded live in the studio in an intimate atmosphere, and you can feel the intensity and emotion that emerges from it. Gogo offers a great mix of original songs and selected versions for a very good album in the genre in the end, even if he reinvents nothing. (September 2015)

Cordova Bay / SIX


The Karpinka Brothers – You Can Count on Me

The Karpinka BrothersYou Can Count on Me

The Karpinka Brothers come directly from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with a folk rock / pop rock sound that reminds the Barenaked Ladies in their most energetic times. We can also compare them to Van Morrison and Joel Plaskett. You Can Count on Me is their third album, but with only nine tracks totaling 23 minutes, one should rather speak of an EP. Some tracks come out of the batch from which the first single, "Tetherball". (September 2015)



 Brett Kissel – Pick Me Up

Brett KisselPick Me Up

The rising star of Canadian country releases his second album, exactly two years after Started With a Song. He presents a rather pop country sound, certainly for a wide audience. Unfortunately, few tracks have enough interest to really catch our attention. Of the 10 songs included (for 35 minutes), we find a majority of mid-tempo tracks that offer neither the emotional power, or energy to attract an audience that would not be attracted to the genre at first. On the other hand, the country music fans are likely to talk about betrayal with a pop production a little too polished. Ultimately, there are very few interesting pieces on Pick Me Up, the #1 hit "Airwaves" being undoubtedly the highlight of this CD. That says it all! Note also the more energetic "I Can Play Guitar", a duet with Hunter Hayes. (September 2015)

Music Video: « Airwaves »

Bak 2 Bak / Warner


 Lianne La Havas – Blood

Lianne La HavasBlood

The London female singer is back with her second album, three years after Is Your Love Big Enough? which catched attention. On Blood, Lianne revives her Greek and Jamaican background but above all, she offers a larger production. More supported beats make the album differ from its predecessor, although we still find some introspective songs. The album was again produced by Matt Hales (Aqualung) and we find highly talented collaborators as Jamie Lidell, Howard Lawrence (Disclosure), Mark Batson and Paul Epworth. If Lianne La Havas got attention with her first record, this time she is truly establishing herself as a leading artist on the pop scene with creative music incorporating a bit of soul and rock. (September 2015)

Music Videos: « Unstoppable » - « What You Don’t Do »




The Libertines – Anthems For Doomed Youth

The LibertinesAnthems For Doomed Youth

After 11 years of hiatus, the English band returned to the studio to record a new album. A concert in front of 65,000 people in July 2014, and subsequently the meeting in Thailand between Pete Doherty and Carl Barât have finally allowed them to bury the hatchet. The band that got attention in 2002 then comes back with its third album. More mature, The Libertines do not attempt to reproduce the music of their twenties, but they rather deal with themes of their age ("Fame and Fortune", "Iceman"). Those who find the production a little too polished will have to look at the producer. Funny choice that Jake Gosling (One Direction, Ed Sheeran)! One fortunately finds some great tracks, including "You're My Waterloo" and "Dead For Love" that were lost in their pocket since 1999. You can hear a nice evolution on the album that is gaining energy at the end. Ultimately, this is a good return for The Libertines that should not confuse their fans of the debut, despite some progress in the recent 11 years. (September 2015)

Music Videos: « Gunga Din » - « Heart of the Matter »

Virgin / Universal



 Cécile McLorin Salvant – For One to Love

Cécile McLorin SalvantFor One to Love

The young complete artist of 25 years old issues her second album, two years after the one that made her famous, WomanChild. She wrote five of the 12 songs of For One to Love, highlighting a strong personality, a keen intellect, humor, romance and great honesty. She incorporates jazz standards, as well as Barbara’s "Le mal de vivre". Her style of jazz in trio format, with the young and talented pianist Aaron Diehl, perfectly highlights the powerful voice of Cécile. Her brilliant and explosive personality is getting throughout the album which is like no other. She customizes it even more by providing the illustrations for the cover. Here is an excellent jazz album, a contemporary album while having pleasant leaps in time. (September 2015)

Mack Avenue / Justin Time / SIX



 Meek Mill – Dream Worth More Than Money

Meek MillDream Worth More Than Money

The Philadelphia rapper issues a sophomore album that brings him to another level. Orchestrations and choirs in the opening track, "Lord Knows", provide a good overview. He has several tracks that are ready for radio, as well as party songs, perhaps influenced by his new relationship with Nicki Minaj. But the basis of his music still remains hardcore rap. The album also benefits from reputable collaborators that help redirect the style of Meek Mill. Chris Brown's influence is evident in "All Eyes On You", which also allows you to hear Nicki Minaj. She later returns for "Bad For You", and other collaborators include Drake, Future, The Weeknd, Rick Ross and Diddy. Dream Worth More Than Money is a very good hip hop album and it helps to bring Meek Mill to the big leagues. (September 2015)

Music Videos: « Jump Out the Face » - « All Eyes On You »

Maybach / Atlantic / Warner



 Peter Henry Phillips – The Origin

Peter Henry PhillipsThe Origin

The composer, performer and producer Pierre Philippe Côté, better known under the name of Pilou, issues his first album as Peter Henry Phillips. This project offers a totally English indie rock music somewhat airy with good pop melodies. The whole proves to be rather cinematic with images coming to mind quickly. In this aspect, he has certainly been influenced by some artists with whom he worked as Jorane, Elisapie Isaac, Ariane Moffatt and Tomas Jensen. He also worked as a singer on the last two albums of DJ Champion, in addition to come to perform every week on Belle & Bum on the Télé-Québec broadcast. Emeritus producer for ten years, he also signed the complete soundtrack of the latest film by Denys Arcand, Le règne de la beauté (The reign of beauty) in which one can hear two songs from his Peter Henry Phillips project. The Origin is a strong and consistent album until the end that creates a great atmosphere. (September 2015)

Coyote / SIX



Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Segal – Musique de Nuit

Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent SegalMusique de Nuit

Six years after Chamber Music, kora player Ballaké Sissoko and cellist Vincent Segal are back, simply as a duo this time, to merge their two instruments. They share the composition of the nine tracks of the album that has several facets between Mandingo, Baroque, Brazilian, jazz and gypsy music. Musique de Nuit provides soothing music, to listen in a particular context, away from our daily activities. (September 2015)

Six Degrees / SIX



Sublime with Rome – Sirens

Sublime with RomeSirens

After the two remaining members of Sublime have reformed the group with Rome Ramirez to release a debut album 4 years ago, the new trio lost another original member, Bud Gaugh, which is replaced by Josh Freese (Vandals, Devo, Guns N’ Roses). Sublime with Rome (and Josh) thus issue Sirens, another album in the purest style of ska / reggae, but leaving aside punk for a more pop music. A large-scale production brings a very nice coating to the compositions of the trio, although Sublime with Rome seems becoming more and more a side project for the duo of Eric Wilson and Rome Ramirez. There are several pleasant songs among the 11 that contains the album. Otherwise, nothing really stands out nor upset the conventions. A moment worth to note however is their adaptation of Fishbone’s "Skankin'". Sirens contains sunny and soft music to accompany your getaway in California or anywhere else under the sun. (September 2015)

Music Video: « Wherever You Go »

Vagrant / Universal


 Rob Thomas – The Great Unknown

Rob ThomasThe Great Unknown

With The Great Unknown, Rob Thomas releases his third solo album, his first in six years since Matchbox Twenty reunited in the meantime. This time, Thomas works with a variety of producers around his long-time collaborator Matt Serletic. He has, among others, Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic) and Ricky Reed (Jason Derulo, Jessie J) to give a touch of modern pop to the album. In this sense, the objective is achieved when the songwriter and performer offers much more dynamic songs than on his previous album. We still find some mid-tempo ballads, but most of the CD remains a rhythmic and light pop rock sound, all designated to fill airwaves. In fact, The Great Unknown is certainly his most enjoyable album to listen to since the mega hit of "Smooth" for Santana recorded 16 years ago! (September 2015)

Music Video: « Trust You »

Atlantic / Warner




Whisky LegsBasement Confessions

Whisky Legs was formed in the St-Roch neighborhood in Quebec City in 2013. The trio consists of singer and pianist Maude Brochu, drummer and multi-instrumentalist Pascal Denis and guitarist Guillaume Méthot. In a mixture of nostalgia and modernity, the band presents a blues rock sound with soul and groove elements. The voice of Maude Brochu immediately catches attention by its depth and power, and it contributes greatly to the sound of the trio. She is comparable in part to Amy Winehouse. The group offers an album of 13 tracks that reaches 60 minutes, thanks in part to the eight-minute tour de force of "Too Late". Basement Confessions is a very good debut album that combines the best of the 1960s and 1970s to a more contemporary soul and blues sound worthy of Gary Clark Jr. (September 2015)

Bros / SIX


Young Empires – The Gates

Young EmpiresThe Gates

Young Empires is an indie pop / electro pop Canadian band that was formed six years ago. They finally release their highly anticipated debut album on which one can hear the sound they have developed in recent years. Like the hit title song, the band offers us refreshing and entertaining music that quickly hooks us with a smile. They use many synthesizers on an always effective rhythm that makes us toe tapping. The record’s missing may be some more instant hits, but the whole is listening perfectly for our greatest pleasure. (September 2015)

Music Video: « The Gates »

Pirates Blend / Sony



Soaked in Bleach: A Documentary Film About the Death of Kurt Cobain (DVD)

Soaked in Bleach: A Documentary Film About the Death of Kurt Cobain (DVD)

Here's a great documentary with all the facts around the death of Kurt Cobain 21 years ago. Based on official case files, audio recordings and expert testimony, the documentary also includes very good high quality cinematic re-creations. One can discover among others Cobain's death as seen through the eyes of Tom Grant, a private investigator who was hired by Courtney Love to find Kurt just days before he was found dead at his home in Seattle. Many weird circumstances surrounding the official facts and lies by Courtney mean that doubts remain greater than ever about a murder disguised as suicide. Unfortunately, a sloppy work from Seattle policemen who have closed the file eagerly concluding undoubtedly the fact of suicide ensure that certain important evidence were quickly packed and the body of Cobain was buried six days after its discovery. The investigation has therefore never really gone further, but the facts reported in this documentary show that suicide by a shotgun was almost impossible given the amount of heroin found in his blood. Otherwise, there is no obvious evidence to accuse anyone without an in-depth investigation to be reopened. The documentary gives good clarifications on the circumstances surrounding the death of Kurt Cobain, which eliminates a lot of rumors. So it only remains to you to form your own opinion. (September 2015)

Montani / Daredevil / MVD

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Adam Lambert – The Original High

Adam LambertThe Original High

After a tour as lead singer of Queen, former American Idol finalist is back with a new album. First album for Warner, The Original High also revives the Max Martin and Shellback producers, those behind the hit "Whataya Want From Me" in 2009. Lambert seems to have finally found the right balance between pop, electro and rock, always keeping the dance rhythms that characterize him since his debut. One can even hear the screaming guitar of Brian May (Queen) on the electro beat of "Lucy". The other guest artist is Swedish Tove Lo for the song "Rumors". Adam Lambert manages to present good pop songs on this new album, but it is the mid-tempo tracks that remain the least interesting. He should definitely concentrate on the danceable songs, either in the 1970s disco style or in a more contemporary electro style. Despite some moments that are a little less exciting, Lambert perhaps issues his best recording to date. This is maybe his presence in Queen that gave him this inspiration... (August 2015 Featured Review)

Music Video: « Ghost Town »








Algiers – Algiers


Algiers is an indie rock trio that was formed in Atlanta in 2009 and travels since that time between London and New York. It offers a mix of post-punk and blues with some industrial elements and good pop and gospel melodies. Although the mixture may seem odd at first, this is a highly creative first album that release Algiers. One finds there an unusual intensity, delivered with surgical precision. The three musicians seem to know very well where they are going and they drag us after them. Difficult to compare, the music of Algiers certainly deserves you tend the ear since the group manages to present a remarkable first album. (August 2015 Featured New Artist)

Music Video: « Blood »




 Alee – Say Hello to Goodbye

AleeSay Hello to Goodbye

Alexandra Adamoski is a young 23-year old country singer from Edmonton. The singer-songwriter issues her first EP of 6 tracks after having performed on several stages around the country. She offers a somewhat different approach to country music with a decidedly pop touch which will quickly be comparable to Shania Twain and Taylor Swift. She has good songs on Say Hello to Goodbye, which will certainly bring the spotlight on her over the next few years as the new rising star of Canadian country music. (August 2015)

Wax / Universal

Argentina Chill Out Social Club – 80’s Experience

Argentina Chill Out Social Club – 80’s Experience

Argentina Chill Out Social Club is a project created to remake different classics of the most popular music in history. On this first of six CDs, 12 classics of the 1980s (or almost) are played in an electro jazz style with latin and bossa nova accents. The really nice voice of Analiah Robledo sings hits of Madonna (« La Isla Bonita »), AC/DC and KISS (« You Shook Me All Night Long/Rock and Roll All Night »), Michael Jackson (« Billie Jean », « Dangerous »), Bon Jovi (« Never Say Goodbye »), Metallica (« Nothing Else Matters »), Guns N’ Roses (« Sweet Child O’ Mine »), Queen (« Somebody To Love »), U2 (« Where the Streets Have No Name »), etc. In addition to this important album for the 1980s, the collection includes 5 tribute albums in the same style: Beatles, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, U2 and Sting. (August 2015)

Estudios Moi / Musik2Musik


Between the Buried and Me – Coma Ecliptic

Between the Buried and MeComa Ecliptic

The progressive metal band from North Carolina is 15 years old and they already offer us their eighth studio album. The most they go further in their careers the most the guys of Between the Buried and Me leave out their first influence, death metal, to a more experimental and progressive sound. In this sense, the band can recall Voivod on several occasions. Coma Ecliptic is a concept album that offers a journey through the mind of a man in a coma who makes a return on different stages of his life. Although the concept may seem somewhat original and suggests an experimental and a bit odd album, it is rather the most accessible music the group have ever did. Of course, we must appreciate progressive music that leads into all sorts of directions, but several times during the 68 minutes of the CD they have what it takes to reach a broad audience. We find influences from the 1970s rock with guitar solos comparable to Brian May’s or rhythms reminiscent of Rush, but it is mostly the very effective pop melodies that surprise us, especially when we know their past dominated by guttural voice. Coma Ecliptic is a varied album, but it still has a solid director line, based on the typical sound of Between the Buried and Me. It necessarily takes several listens to discover all the subtleties, but the accessibility of the record makes it a pleasant exercise. Here is possibly the best album of the band to date. To discover! (August 2015)

Metal Blade



The Darkness – Last of Our Kind

The DarknessLast of Our Kind

A break has been more than beneficial to the English hard rock band which is back with Last of Our Kind, their fourth album. The group seems more united than ever and they offer many good songs with unforgettable riffs and melodies. Justin Hawkins’s falsetto voice seems to not steal the spotlight anymore and it is rather part of the band's extremely effective music. For sure, The Darkness are still and always based on the hard rock sound of the 1970s and 1980s, but they managed to make a style all their own and carry it pleasantly in the 2010s. From the opening tracks "Barbarian", "Open Fire" and the title track, one finds with pleasure catchy songs like those which had seduced us to the group's debut 12 years ago. Even if the surprise is no longer the same, the little awaiting we had for a new album by The Darkness means that we are still a little surprised of appreciating and continually tapping the foot . Some mid-tempo songs can break the rhythm a bit, but the whole remains of high quality, worthy of one of the best hard rock albums of the past decade. (August 2015)

Music Videos: « Barbarian » - « Open Fire » - « Last of Our Kind »

Canary Dwarf / Kobalt



 Finger Eleven – Five Crooked Lines

Finger ElevenFive Crooked Lines

Ontario post-grunge band Finger Eleven has been around for over 20 years. However, they release their first album since 2010. They do not reinvent their style on Five Crooked Lines with metal riffs and a voice that recalls the grunge sound. But, the work of producer Dave Cobb allowed them to simplify their music which was becoming increasingly unnecessarily complex for several albums. So they have very good melodies (sometimes in the Beatles style) and some tracks with catchy rhythms, especially the excellent "Wolves and Doors" and the Zeppelin-like "Gods of Speed". The band also explores stoner metal with "Save Your Breath" that reminds Black Sabbath. In fact, this is an album returning to the roots that offer the guys of Finger Eleven, a pleasant album to listen to. (August 2015)

Music Video: « Wolves and Doors »

Bicycle / Concord / Universal



Heartbeat CityThunder Amongst Us

Heartbeat City is a new indie rock band from Winnipeg with some folk influences. They can be compared in part to the Weakerthans and Band of Horses. Led by Ian La Rue, well known musician from the Winnipeg scene, the band has several very good songs, with always catchy melodies. In the second half of the CD containing 10 songs, there are several pieces that stretch a bit long, approaching even 7 minutes regarding the last two tracks. The whole still remains greatly interesting anyway. (August 2015)

 Tori Kelly – Unbreakable Smile

Tori KellyUnbreakable Smile

Victoria Loren Kelly (Tori Kelly) was born in California in 1992 and was drawn to music at an early age. After various singing contests, Tori decided to learn the guitar and to work on her own songs. On this first album, she offers a great mix of pop and contemporary R&B, both catchy and intelligent. In addition, she has a soulful voice that impresses quickly. Tori Kelly represents something of a cross between Taylor Swift and Alicia Keys. Produced by Max Martin (Kelly Clarkson, P!nk, Ellie Goulding), Unbreakable Smile contains as much emotional ballads as melodic rock songs and acoustic pop. It proposes a range that highlights the full extent of her talent. Several songs such as the title track and the hits "Nobody Love" and "Should've Been Us", as well as other good moments, deserve that we are attentive to the album of this talented artist. Note the Ed Sheeran and LL Cool J collaborations. We will surely hear about Tori Kelly in the coming years. (August 2015)

Music Videos: « Nobody Love » - « Unbreakable Smile » - « Should’ve Been Us »

Capitol / Universal



 Melanie Martinez – Cry Baby

Melanie MartinezCry Baby

Melanie Martinez is a young American singer of 20 years old who releases her first album with Cry Baby, after participating to the third season of The Voice in the US. She offers intelligent pop music that incorporates many electronic elements and a little bit of rock. Her soft voice is perhaps at the heart of her music, but she can count on prominent arrangements to envelope it very nicely. She delivers 13 quality songs that flow beautifully, with no apparent weaknesses. This results in certainly one of the best electro pop albums of the year. A great discovery! (August 2015)

Music Videos: « Dollhouse » - « Carousel » - « Pity Party » - « Soap » - « Sippy Cup »

Atlantic / Warner